Mexican Migrant Workers
Alex, Molly, Danielle, Joshua
Mexicans Arrive at the United States Immigration Station.
Hard Times in America

Why Did the Mexicans Come to America?
There were various different reasons on why the mexican migrant workers left there country and came to the United States, so here are a few explanations.
In the 19th century the Mexican President, Porfirio Diaz, had formed an economic plan for Mexico, but his plan didn't go as planned so he was overthrown
and years to come brought nothing but fear and chaos. A civil war took place for 10 years and killed about 2 million people.
From this, disease was spread.

Mexican & Filipino Farm Workers
Farm Worker in Labor Camp

Houses Where They Lived

How did the Americans React to the Mexican Immigrants?
Their homes were destroyed, so this led to many leaving and emigrating to America. In America, the immigrants thought that life would be peaches and cream but when they got there, they saw what life in America was really like. Some parents wouldn't let their children play with the Mexican kids, so the kids would get their feelings hurt.

What did They Experience When They Got Here?
They would not be let into certain movie theaters due to their ethnicity/race. When Mexican's walked into a restaurant and were seated, they would never be waited on. When the Mexican immigrants arrived Americans were very accepting as long as they were here for work, but Many Mexican's were sent back to their country by President Herbert Hoover.
General Information
Terrorism increased sharply after 1910 as the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) caused confusion along the border. Texas authorities feared that Mexican Americans eligible for the draft were evdaing military service by heading south. Violence against Mexican Americans during this era in time usually went unchecked by local governements and law enforcements. Job discrimination closed the door of many opportunities.