20. DREAM Act

Caroline, Courtney, Josh H., and Taylor

What does DREAM stand for?

It stands for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors.

A group of immigrants being deported from America.

Immigrant Classes

What is the DREAM Act?

The dream act is a bill that provides protection and security from illegal aliens. During this six-year period, applicants would have to either complete at least two years of college or serve in the military.

Immigrants in line to be deported. Families and Singles.

Families who are probably illegal being deported from America.

Who created the DREAM Act? Why?

It was created by Senator Orin Hatch and Senator Richard Durbin in May of 2001. They created the Dream Act because they didn't want immigrants taking American jobs. Opponents argue that it is a form of “backdoor amnesty” for undocumented immigrants who bring their children with them. After immigrants are naturalized U.S. citizen, they can sponsor their parents for a green card (permanent residency). Critics say that the DREAM Act just adds a new path for immigrants to use their children to make their status legal. What many people argue is that many of the undocumented immigrants were brought here as babies, and were never told they were undocumented so they got punished because of their parents fault.

Immigants supporting the DREAM Act to get into college.

Who are the supporters and the critics of the DREAM Act?

The DREAM act was drafted by both Democrats and Republicans. For the most part, it has had bipartisan support, although some Senate Republicans are against the DREAM Act.

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