18. Undocumented Workers Today

Undocumented Workers in Present-day.

Betsy, Josh A, Reagan, and Tommy!

Why they come to America-
Undocumented workers come to America seeking a better life. Many of them couldn't find work back in Mexico, or wherever they came from, so they come to America mainly to find work. They come here believing that they can make more money to support their family, and have a better house to live in. They came searching for a new beginning and a new lifestyle that would promise them a superior living. Unfortunately, the reality is much harsher than they think.
A Mexican worker, most likely undocumented, working in a field.

What they experience once they are here-
Undocumented Workers are often taken advantage of, because if they are caught working, they can be turned into the INS and sent back to their country. In addition to this, many workers take jobs that no other American would ever take. They take jobs that involve hard labor, like picking fruit in fields, and work in unsafe conditions. They do all of this and more, often for under minimum wage. They are also faced with racial and ethnic profiling. People judge immigrants for the way they look, instead of by what they have to offer to America. If illegal immigrants commit a sequence of offenses, they can be fined or jailed for up to two years. Illegal immigrants face all of these challenges and more just because they try to make a better life for themselves.
Both of these pictures have in common. They both show undocumented workers performing hard labor. They don't get paid very much for these jobs that most Americans don't even want to do.

How Americans respond to the immigrants-
´╗┐Americans think that immigrants are taking jobs from other citizens, but most immigrants do jobs that most American don't want to do for under minimum wage. American treat immigrants differently because of the way they look, the way they live, and their language. They think poorly of Mexicans because they are not of the same race as Americans. Americans feel the immigrants are low class and would never be able to get far in American life. They underestimate the skills of these newcomers and instead discriminate them just because they come from a foreign country.
This depicts an immigrant fighting for equal rights because of the way they are treated by Americans. They are often taken advantage of, but they have a lot to offer to America.
Strikes among immigrant workers are very common due to the sub-par working conditions that they are subjected to.


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