Why Cubans left Cuba to come to America?

Cubans left because of political persecution.Fidel Castros is a reason why a lot of Cubans left cause he would take all their money. The more wealthy Cubans left first because their land and businesses were taken over by Castro's government. Another reason they left because Castro put Cuba in a communist group called the U.S.S.R (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). The more wealthy Cubans came because America had much to offer, such as great private schools for the children to attend, better medical care for their families than Cuba had to offer. The economy was bad in Cuba and this resulted to shortages of food and other necessities. More Cubans left because of Castro's failure to restore democracy to the island.

Cubans feasting for a celebration.
Castro speaking to his people who hate him.

What they experienced when they got here?

For most of the Cubans immigrating to America, their first stop was in the Miami area, which a majority of them chose to settle nearby. The climate in Miami was very similar to Cuba's climate, making it easier to adapt. The lucky Cuban immigrants already had family settled here, and so they had a place to stay. South Miami is where many moved to because the pay was low. Resulting from the conditions they had here, such as coming together with other close families to all split their recourses and sharing a small apartment, they often gave one another rides to work and shops. Those who were struggling, where helped by those who join organizations, ran by the Catholic Church. The government gave funds to the Miami public school system in order for Cuban children to learn.
Castro talking to a friend.
Cuban families traveling to America.

What was the Americans reaction to their presence?

When Cubans first came to America the Cubans were more than thrilled. They were starting anew and got away from all the political persecution that they encountered in Cuba. They came to America where they can be free and believe what they want, but they were sadly mistaken. Americans' reaction to their presence was far from friendly. Americans' thought Cubans spoke strange and loud. They gave Cubans nicknames like they all looked liked little "mosquitoes." They discriminated against them because of their language and their nationality. American's were just not nice to the Cubans. When Cubans started to work they worked very hard but got low paying jobs. Not many people wanted them because they were Cuban. Americans were not thrilled with their presence but as time went on all of this changed and Cubans became accepted and assimilated to their new country.

Cuban immigrants coming 90 miles to America on a full boat.

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