Eastern Europeans Fleeing Communism

Grace Ashbery, Brittney Miller, Mark Elias, and Jack Greer

Many Russians were against the Bolsheviks', a Communist party, and so when they took over Russia many Russians decided that they wanted to flee to the United States. They experienced moments full of joy, making their journey worth while. But while some moments were happy, others were sorrowful because of the tactics the Americans took when they were trying to rid America of Russian immigrants. This is the triumphs and tribulations of the Russian immigrants.

Why did the Russians come to America?

The Russians fled from Russia when Communists, the Bolsheviks, took over Russia. The Russians where afraid that if they stayed in Russia the Bolsheviks would put their fortune and lives at risk. The Communists imprisoned everyone who disagreed with their way of ruling, so more Russians were put at risk when they wanted to leave the country. They came to America because they knew that it would provide them political freedom. They were sick of the way that the communists were ruling there country so they hoped for a different political situation in America. They also came because the Communists had stolen their land and they wanted to escape the dangerous lives awaiting them is they remained in Russia under the Communists.


Eastern Europeans huddled together when they arrived in America in the early twentieth century.
They were scared but happy that they had reached the place that promised their family happiness.

The Russian Revolution was also a very important "push factor", which influenced many Russians to leave and flee from the rising Bolshevik powers.
The Bolesheviks burning down buildings during the Russian Revolution. It was acts like
these the influenced the Russians to immigrate to Russia.

What did the Russians experience when they arrived in America?

When many Europeans arrived in America, there were many citizens that were bias to what they believed in. Many Europeans had a distictive ethnic group in Europe, therefore, they wore a red rez hat, which was a symbol of their ethnicity. However, when citizens saw something different, so they chose to be prejudice about their ethnic group by teasing many Europeans about their fez hats. Michael Pupin says that he found himself surrounded by boys laughling at his fez, and in the blink of an eye he was punched and thrown around. When the Russians came they sometimes found their loved ones waiting for them at the dock, and they greeted them with open arms. When Nicholas Gage saw his father waving at him from the dock he was filled with emotion, and his father loved having Nicholas' arms around his body. They were also astounded at the magnificent sight of the Statue of Liberty, which was a sign of hope for their family.

Once the immigrants settled into their new lives in America, amny got jobs to support their families.
These Russian immigrants got jobs working in steel factories.

How did the Americans treat the Russian immigrants?

When the Russians came to America they were not greeted with open arms like they thought they would be. Communist rules went against everything that the Americans believed in, so they opposed the Russians. The Americans passed laws against helping Russians whne they are sick, and they also made speaking out agaisnt the government's laws. The Red Scare was started by the Americans because they were scared the Russians were going to try and overthrow their government. They arrested many innocent people and also deported some back to Russia.

These are the Rosenbergs, who were said to be communists spreading the communists beliefs in America. They were taken
into custody during the Red Scare, where many innocent and guilty people were jailed or deported.